This 2" paperweight is a hand blown glass blown paperweight.  Outer space is full of materials left over from creation of our Solar System.  When very large fragments encounter Earth's atmosphere, they create a spectacular light show.  These very bright and colorful shooting stars, brighter than magnitude 4, are referred to as Fireballs.  98% of a Fireballs mass disintegrates while traveling at speeds up to 70,000 mph; they usually stop burning well before reaching the Earth's surface.

Fireball Twilight Paperweight

SKU: AJV0005
  • This hand blown paperweight is made by Glass Eye Studio in Seattle.  All the glass products from this studio are individuall crafted by artists and not machines.  They use a wide variety of materials when blowing glass, from recycled bottles to fine gold, to their signature ingrediant, ash from the 1980 erucption of Mount St. Helens.