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What is conservation framing?



Conservation framing is using techniques that don't harm the artwork.


When mounting an item we attach it to backing that is either 100% cotton or has had 100% of the acid removed.  We don't use glues or adhesives that will damage your items. We use cotton tiers or starch and mulberry paper to hold your paper products in place.  Textile item are usually sewn into place using cotton thread .We seal all wood used to do canvas stretching or that would come into direct contact with the art or object we are framing.  We also have different acid free methods available for your projects

Our mat boards are all either 100% cotton or have had 100% of the lignin (the acid found in paper made from wood) removed.  We have a very wide selection of colors and use Artique, Crescent or Bainbridge Mats.

As well as clear and non glare glass, we carry Tru Vue glass that blocks out 98% of the UV light found in sunlight and fluorescent lights that causes fading.  Our UV filtering glass is available in both clear and non glare.  Also available is museum glass that not only blocks the UV light but reflects all light so it's very hard to tell that there is glass on the picture by just looking.

We have hundreds of different frames and mats that will enhance your artwork.  We also do shadow boxes to frame your family heir looms.  Come into Accents Etc, we will help you pick out what you need and give you a free quote on all your framing needs.

Hours Available for Framing Design



We are open 6 days a week but Betty, our picture framer, is only in the store Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 to 5:30 and Saturday from 9:00 to 4:00 to design and price out your framing project.  We do not price over the phone or online since there are  variables, like size, choices of frame, mat and glass and mounting techniques  that vary greatly.  You may bring your items to frame into the store during those days or call to set up an appointment.  If you are traveling to get to McCook, we advise you call before hand in case something comes up and Betty is not available


Picture Framing Special


The special we are running at this time is - Bring in three framing jobs, you pay for two and the lesser priced one is paid for by Accents ETC.

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